Marioverse Battle #2: King Boo vs. Yoob

Who do you want to win this week?

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Paper Jorge

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Mario: Hello people! It is the second battle!

Luigi: This week is King Boo vs. that annoying monster Yoob!

King Boo: Everyone likes him just because he's eviler than Bowser. But does he have a weakness? Other than green plumbers with vacuums, trying to save their brother?

Yoob: A giant Yoshi who destryoed Yoshi's Island a long time ago. He is really big, but is he still strong?

Mario: So there! Vote for who you want to win!


What are ya waiting for? VOTE 8) !
Yoob looks cooler to me. I dont really know who he is but oh well... GO YOOB!
This should be interesting since Yoobs full abilities we're never seen, all we've ever seen him do is eat Yoshies and climb a mountain. But, I've gotta vote for the royal spectre again, GO BOO!
Oh no! Yoob is going to win! Ya'll see! GO YOOB!

By the way Ultimatetoad, Yoob appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
Why does everyone seem to like king boo?
Sir Grodus said:
:idea: Just realized, what happens if the polls are tied? Is it sudden death or something?

If it's a tie....SUDDEN DEATH!
Monty Mole said:

When in doubt, let Lincoln figure it out.

What did I say about...oh forget it.

I prefer letting George Washington letting figure it out.
Yessir, Sir Grodus! Hurry or it's SUDDEN DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for screaming.
Sorry guys. I am too busy, so the Marioverse battle will be made later this week. Sorry.

By the way, since the poll has ended Yoob will win.

Any ideas for who should fight next?
Sorry for the long wait guys!!!!!

Mario: It's the battle you've been waiting for!

Luigi (eating tacos): Yummy tacos!


Yoob: Me kill the ghost!

King Boo: Yoob talks!?

Mario: Look, Yoob has started the battle by jumping on King Boo!

King: OW!

Luigi (eating tacos): Amazing! It actualkly hurt King Boo!

Mario: Now Yoob is grabbing King Boo...and is ghoing to eat him!!

Tubba Blubba: Tubba Blubba style!

Mario: And down to the stomach the King goes!

Luigi: Like my tacos I'm eating!

Mario: Be quiet.

Luigi: Oh, look! King Boo came out of Yoob's stomach!

Mario: Only to get ran over by a truck.

Luigi: King Boo in better place now.

Mario: He always was dead anyway.


Sorry again for the wait.

Next battle: Yoob vs. Raphael Raven