Racoon and Frog Suit???


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Am i the only one who wants the racoon and frog suit from super mario bros. 3 to be in super mario galaxy 2 ???
Looks like it. Those power-ups would be more fitting for NSMBWii. :P
Frog Suit and Raccoon Suit returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2? I don't know how it would fit, but it would certainly be awesome if it happened!
Those suits are sort of iconic for Super Mario Bros. 3, they're exactly what you think of when you think of it, and with good reason; they were freaking cool. That said, I really don't see them coming back in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Maybe NSMBWii(although it's got it's own range of powerups so far), but just not SMG2. Most of the SMB3 power ups have equivalents in Galaxy already:
  • The shell helps you swim like the frog suit.
  • The spring helps you jump like the frog suit.
  • The star spin is like the racoon spinny attacky thing
  • The red star lets you fly
  • etc?
Uggghh i wish they would use them in galaxy 2, maybe just maybe they in that unannouced game....
Super Happy Nerd Time said:
Looks like it. Those power-ups would be more fitting for NSMBWii. :P
I doubt it. The Penguin Suit is going to be the same as the Frog Suit, except for appearance.

The Racoon Suit is more likely, but I'd still be surprised, seeing as how the Propeller Suit is going to make you fly in NSMB: Wii.