Social Grouping

Who are you? (lol, it's like gameboy)

  • Nerd/Geek

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  • Goth (yes, they are different from emos somehow)

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  • Emo (yes, they are different from goths somehow)

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  • Prep

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  • Gansta

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  • Sk8r

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  • Bandie (as in marching band, symphonic, etc)

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  • Orchestra-type

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  • Rocker

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  • I'm not classified (i.e. dropout, etc). Buzz off.

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  • Other not mentioned here (please specify)

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  • ...druggie...

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  • Raver

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I'm from Star Haven! 20 hours of night... night, sweet sunsets... It's the life. If only I wasn't an outcast... *sighs*
No, I did not put druggie.

I'm a popular nerd... how does that work?! Basically, I'm a "pet" to a bunch of people outside my social circle. It's cool.
I'm a nerdy outcast and I love it. Forget what I said about some of my friends being "immature", I love 'em... But even still, others judge them lesser than they judge moi... But I don't judge people at all and am totally against this social grouping stuff anyway. This post is annoying to me, and probably to you, too! We're so similar.
Max2 said:
I'm an outcast who would die for some real-life friends. (No 'fence, but I need real friends to!)

I don't think an outcast is a group. An outcast is someone who has no social group, I think.
But I should have put it under "unclassified" probably :)
I just answered Nerd. Nerd I am.
I'm outcasted, not rasict-ed.
Maybe he assumed that I was saying that African Americans and Hispanics and Asians and Whites were in different groups. But really... as far as I've seen, only whites have restrictions on what group they can be in. Seriously, white hip-hoppers are called wiggers for goodness sake. Although Emos and Goths can only be white as far as I've seen. But racism wasn't the intention.
Yes, social grouping (while still being plenty controversial evil) is based on actions and appearance, while the racism deals with ethnicity.
I am outcatian! :lol: does that make me racist? :lol:
I'm an outcast/nerd. I don't talk to anyone, I consider most of the kids at my school to be inferior life forms, etc.....
I'm the inferior life form to most people in my school
The only thing I talk about in school is BAWITDABADABANGYDANGDIGGYDIGGYDIGGYSAIDTHEBOOGYSAIDUPJUMPTHEBOOGY. It doesn't mean anything in Swedish. I entertain "the cool guys" and am therefore not a geek.
lucky... oh well, I'm poetic. and a coward. and sorta childish. And I still have never tasted Weight Watchers food.
Slap with a segway!