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Who are you? (lol, it's like gameboy)

  • Nerd/Geek

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  • Goth (yes, they are different from emos somehow)

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  • Emo (yes, they are different from goths somehow)

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  • Prep

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  • Gansta

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  • Sk8r

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  • Bandie (as in marching band, symphonic, etc)

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  • Orchestra-type

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  • Rocker

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  • I'm not classified (i.e. dropout, etc). Buzz off.

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  • Other not mentioned here (please specify)

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  • ...druggie...

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  • Raver

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Hammer Bro.
Retired Wiki Staff
Hey, y'alls.

Which category do YOU fit into?! Yay for generalizations!
Uhh...........Normal? I put other :smug:

Who put druggie!? Stumpers, was that you....
Geek. Geek. Geek.

I just hang out with two other kids. Talking nerdy gaming stuff.
I used to do that, but now the people I did it with talk to each other about a game I don't play :(
I'm a nerd/geek, and, considering that the only other nerd/geeks at my school are rather, uh... immature, I'm a bit of an outcast, too. Haha. Cool. Cheese.
i guess i'd be other/normal or geek, since I'm on here all day....
...What's an "orchestra type" of person? That classification confounds me.

Probably a nerd, since I obsessively collect videogames, anime, comics, and other geeky things. Also, the list seems skewed in my opinion, and most of these stereotypes can overlap/a lot aren't included/some are ill-defined. Just my thought.
I get it, but I can't describe it.

DUN DUN, dun dun, dun dun dun DUN DUN..

DUN DUN, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuun...
Outcast should've been a choice. One of them I am.
Max2 said:
Outcast should've been a choice. One of them I am.

Erm, oay? Geeky me is...
weird... but...

seriously, Why isn't outcast here?
Max2 said:
weird... but...

seriously, Why isn't outcast here?

it could just be other, and specifi outcast.
OK, I'll specify: I'm as outcast as they get
Sound like me kinda.

I have a best friend. We both do HTML, Wikis, Freewebs, Flash, GIFs...

Yeah, we stick together.
I have 1 friend total that's not a Wiki member. and I only have 1 real friend here. Yes, 3D.
I feel honored. :smug: Thanks, Max. You'll always feel welcome here.

I'm a stupid, random, hyperactive, overreactive teen who annoys his friends. Hmph.
I'm an outcast who would die for some real-life friends. (No 'fence, but I need real friends to!)
I live a lot of states away from you! :mrgreen:
I'm Californian. You?

I'm from California, where the sun always shines (even when you don't want it to), there is no spring or fall, and we still think saying "dude" is cool!