World War II

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^ Nice one.

Hey ShyGuy, maybe you should get a research department if you want to do the comic historically correct.
Mr. Doctor Professor Assistant Governor-General Shyguy said:
I already ate dessert.
*looms demotion over Shyguy's head*
I think he needs some assitance.

Besides, we're putting too much pressure on him.

Either that or I'll sit in the corner, patient for what the next comic would be.
Am I too late? No? If so, put me in for Canada.
Fine. I guess I'll have to read the entire topic myself to get this together, but I wouldn't mind much anyway.
I just found this:

Scrooge McDuck said:
Carl XVI Gustaf said:
Made a list because I was bored.
Stooben - USA
Uniju - Soviet Union
Nerdy Guy - France?
BHS - Poland
SmartyGuy - UK?

Shyguy - Germany
Ninji - Italy
Ugozima - Japan
Smiddle - Finland

Kamek - Spain

The only one left I can think of is China (Al) and Canada (Al).
In that case, I'll be Canada.

Oh, and ML wants to be Africa.
Honestly, I've learned while making these that I know nothing about World War II, and Wikipedia is really no help judging by how inaccurate my other comics have been.

Unless someone like SG wants to take over and do the rest, I'm probably not going to do any more.
Not open for further replies.