If there was a Sonic Kart, what would the stages be?

Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing doesnt count. what would some of the stages be? here are the ones i thought up!

Special Skies (Special Stage) (Rainbow Road of a Sonic Kart)
Emerald Hill (Emerald Hill Zone(Sonic 2))
Palmtree Path (Palmtree Panic(Sonic CD))
Freedom Forest (Freedom Fighters Base(Sonic Comics))
Mystic Mountain (Mystic Ruins(Sonic Adventure))
Amy's Mall (a Mall)
Ice Cap Lake (Ice Cap Zone)
Sonic Speedway (Mario Circuit of Sonic Kart)
Labyrinth City (Labyrinth Zone)
The Egg Cave (Eggman Level))
Angel Island (*no description*)
Danger Stadium (Random)
Metallic Castle (Metallic mayhem(Sonic CD))
SEGA Sea (A SEGA level)
Mansion of Haunts (Random)
Chao Garden (Sonic Adventure 2)
Amy Circuit (Random)
Ocean Speedway (Random/Emerald Beach)
Thunder Drive (Random)
Danger lake (random)
Neo Circuit (Neo Metal Sonic Circuit)
Sky Ruins (Random)
Robot Island (Eggmans Creations)
Sunset Avenue (Random)
Ice Cap Mountain (Ice Cap(Sonic Adventure))
Racing Road (Random)
Sand Hill (Red Hill(Sonic Adventure))
Eggman Land (*no Description*)
Broken Bridge (Random)
Mystic Circuit (Mystic Ruins)
Sunny Beach (Emerald Beach during Sunset)
Chao Park (Chao Garden)
Sunset Island (Angel Island with Sunset)
Labyrinth Bridge (Labyrinth Zone)
Amy Avenue (Random)
Wave Stadium (Random)
Ice Cap Cave (Ice Cap(Sonic Adventure))
Speed City (Sonic's Speed)
Cream Circuit (Random)
Omega Volcano (Omega tribute)
Chaos Square (Station Square during Perfect Chaos' flood)
Space ARK (Space Colony ARK)
Egg Carrier (*no description*)
SEGA Circuit (SEGA level)
Palmtree Forest (Palmtree Panic (Sonic CD))
Labyrinth Mountain (Labyrinth Zone)
Desert Road (Random)
Ice Cap City (Ice Cap Zone)
Chaotix Circuit (Chaotix tribute)
Chao City (Chao Garden)
Lava Reef (Lava Reef Zone)
Future Crisis (Sonic 06' future)
Jungle Waterfall (Random)
Eggman castle (Eggman Level)
Mystic Mansion (Mystic Ruins/Random)
Desert Stream (Random)
Marble Bridge (Marble Zone)
Arcade Race Course (Old Sonic Games tribute)
Labyrinth Land (Labyrinth Zone)
Emerald Coast (Emerald Beach)
Ice Cap Mountainside (Ice Cap(Sonic Adventure 2))
Chao Forest (Chao Garden/White Jungle)
Omega Doomship (Omega Tribute)
Danger island (Random)
Rose Garden (Amy Rose Level)
Eggman Land Ruins (Ruins of Sonic Unleashed's Eggman Land)