Did anybody here 3-star ranked MK Super Circuit?


Quick question. I dunno if this should go here or on handheld gaming, so feel free to move the post if needed.

You see, I love MKSC to death, but I don´t know if I just suck at the game, or that those cups are broken, because I can´t for the life of me 3-star rank the retro-lightning cup and the retro-star cup. I have 3 stars in every cup of the game, both GBA and SNES, but when it comes to 100cc and 150cc SNES lightning and star cup... my highest is one star in 100cc and two in 150cc. I have 3 stars in 50cc but I swear it´s impossible to obtain 3 stars in those cups in 100 and 150cc.

Any tricks to do it? What exactly conts to the rank? Just time alone, or do the coins and the number of hits you recieve count too?. I 3-starred every cup in MKDS, and all but those two in MKSC. Do I simply suck or are those cups harder than the rest?