Why doesn't anyone like Peach?

Do you like Peach (like her not like like her)

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Why does most people here not like Peach? Sure she can be annoying, but remeber this without her most Mario games would be different.

I like her she's better than Pauline. She's not my favorite person or anything.

Post here if you like her or not and the reason why.
Meh.... she gets points deducted for using Toad as a shield in SSBM, but otherwise shes fine.... starting to get an expanded character too.....
I like Peach just fine, she's a great part of the series. Her personality isn't consistant though- It fluctuates from ditzy to highly competant depending on the game.
Yeah, good point. I seriously think Intelligent Systems and Alpha Dream actually know women. I suspect that the main Nintendo branch may not...

But Peach is HAWT no matter what. But she can be a "Stupid Girl"

("maybe if I act like... THAT")
Peach may be a bit annoying (Seeing as how many times she has been kidnapped by Bowser and all...) but she does have some redeaming qualities... For one thing, she's really nice... For another, she makes a killer cake :lol: ...
Let's not get her involved. I bet she can't even make cake; don't judge a book/troll by its cover/her moniker...
Peach isn't really disliked, she just gets so little player-action that most people ignore her, outside of game plots.
Peach > Daisy > Pauline.
Just for the records. xD
Super princess peach looks okay, I just don't like the fact that Mario, gets captureed. And that King Bowser and King Boo lose to Peach...:cry: I like king boo...
oh Geez, I think that Dance Dance revolutions was a disgrace to the mario series. I mean come on why would bowser dance?
well I'm entitled to my opions (SPL and 897 seven look funny dancing :lol")