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Do not tell me how many levels are in Scribblenauts Remix including the ones you get with the teleporter and the time machine and the really rare ones you get with them. (i.e: Action 1-1)


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Follow the rules of this thread.


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Don't change your avatar to Tingle.


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I'm pretty sure that counts as some sort of baiting, but I did it at the cost of my own sanity. Of course, you didn't specify how long to change it for or which forum to do it on, so I don't think you saw.

Break this rule.


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By the logic of this thread, I have to break that rule unless the rule is to break the rule in which case I have to follow the rule which in this case is breaking the rule, which means I have to break the rule of breaking the rule, thus having to follow the rule, unless you're a bad boy and don't follow rules.
*head asplosion*

Don't eat Dr. Ivo Robotik/Eggman's toilet and Nigga's bike at the same time.

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*Takes a picture with webcam*

Don't use smileys
(Not sure if I'm doing it right. Please tell me if I'm not)