Create a Mario Kart Grand Prix!!!!

Title says it all (PS. I was a fool and actually placed this in new Mario Kart Courses :-[ ) (I removed it from that topic because this is "Create" a Mario Kart Grand Prix

here are mine

Speed Cup:
Mystic Ruins
: A big Ruins area in the Jungle
Floating City
: A Floating City in the Sky!
Dry Dry Ditch
: In the desert and you drive into a underground ditch
Chomper Casino
: A casino full of chomps

Ruby Cup
Luigi's NEW Mansion
:When you beat Luigi's Mansion (The Game) and you get a high rank there will be a portrait of Luigi's NEW Mansion. Thats what this is
Origin Island
:An Island with fires, Swirly Roads, ALOT of Rain, Lightning and Tornados
Great Glacier
:A Glacier in an Icy Land. It is very Icy so you slide along the Ice.
Bowser Circuit
:A Circuit with Lava, Fire Flowers and alot of Spike Pits, Thwomps, Whomps and Poison Water.

Emerald Cup:
TV Drive
: a drive through TV Channels
Jewel Isle
: A island full of Jewels
Town of Zero Gravity
: A town with parts with no Gravity (What Fun!)
Neo Circuit
: A Circuit wit futuristic and robotic stuff

Toad Cup:
Shoom Shrine
: A Shrine dedicated to Brave Toads
Punk Alley
: The territory of a Intelligent Punk Toad called Intellitoad! This is a very dangerous level!
Shrooms of Doom
: A Race track with alot of different Poison Shrooms
Mushroom Jungle
: A Jungle full of Mushroom Trees

Grass Cup:
Backyard Circuit
: A Circuit in a Backyard
Frontyard Speedway
: A Speedway in a Frontyard
Big Hill
: A Really Big Hill that you go down then get boosted up
Snowy Rooftop
: A Slippery Race with on a Rooftop

yore turn. also every page i will write a List of all the Grand Prixs made
Crackin355 said:
(PS. I was a fool and actually placed this in new Mario Kart Courses :-[ )
No you didn't, I thought the two topics were too similar so I fused them.
This is "Create" a Mario Kart Grand Prix. that one is basically commenting on his levels so here ANYBODY can make one
Snow Cup:
Avalanche Land
: A Race track where mini avalanches happen and if someone gets hit they fall down the mountain that its on.
Underwater Dome
: a Dome under the water where sea creatures watch you race
Icy Cave
: A Cave full of Ice. you will slide in this level and Freezies inhabit the cave.
Vanilla Ocean
: a Bigger Vanilla Lake with a frozen ocean next to it. it has the same features but is way bigger

does anyone want to make one?