Create a Mario Party Level

Not just levels, anything!

Here are the stages i have made

Boo's Building Blast
Description: It's Night time in Boo City and the Master boo is having trouble with the Bomb Boo's. You are on the roof and in buildings trying to get rid of Bomb Boo's. Once you get rid of 1 he Bomb Boo Explodes and a star appears. When your player wins, the stars drag out the Bomb Boo's by their tongue and then make them explode against eachother

Spiny's Spiked Spaceship:
Description: You were cruising through space when all of a sudden a Giant spike goes through your ship! You see a Giant Spaceship (In the shape of a circle (REALLY REALLY BIG)) with spikes all over it. Space Spinies (A new enemy i created) hurt and help you on your way (Prisoner Spinies help you (Theyre escaping)). You have to get to the control station to find a star only to be captured before you can control the ship. When you win your player uses star power to knockout the Space Spinies and control the ship to safety.

Dry Dry Desert:
Description: Its a Desert where there are Huge Ruins (Paper Mario 1 & Mario Kart Wii) Giant Tornado's, Quicksand with a Giant Green Phirana Plant at the bottom (Mario Kart: Double Dash) and Mini-Pyramid's (Mario Kart DS). Tutankoopa (Paper Mario) has turned the Yoshi Sphinx alive! You need to tame it and turn it back into a Non-Living Statue. Once you get the stars you play a Mini-Game where you shoot stars at the Yoshi Sphinx until it turns normal.

Galaxy Tour:
Galaxy Tour starts on the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy and you teleport to a random Galaxy when you step on 1 of the 10 ? spaces that teleport you. The Rules are simple. The star is in a random spot and thats where youre trying to get to. in other words, Classic Mario Party Rules!

Petal Meadows:
A place in Paper Mario 2. this is a Meadow with flowers evrywhere. it has a path to Prtalpurg, a secret entrance to Hooktails Castle and the Mighty Shwonks Fortress!


Baby Mario
Description: The reason he would be playable because he's the main baby and it would be cool to pit Mario against his baby counterpart. He's appeared in alot of Mario games so why not in a mario Party game.

Dave, The Third Mario Brother:
Description: He's a created Mario brother (He's FAKE) but if he was real it would be pretty cool to play as a geek. Link to the video:

Jr. Troopa:
Jr. Troopa is from Paper Mario. he is a young Koopa who has his egg still attached to him on his head and just above his feet. He transforms into different versions in Paper Mario (Spiked Shell, Magic Wand, Winged) but he will stay normal in this. He is the right size and hes only appeared in 1 game so far.

Description: Sonic is from the Sonic the Hedgehog Series and Was Mario's Rival. Nintendo & SEGA have become friends instead of Rivals (The first game of their friendship was Mario & Sonic @ the Olympic Games). I know its called "Mario" Party but Sonic would be cool to play as.

Bowser Jr.:
if i recall, Bowser Jr. hasnt been in any Mario Party games and his become a Secondary Charcter (or Main for some people) so he would be REALLY cool to play as.

Kamella is from Super Mario Galaxy and appeared twice. she is very large but they shrinked Bowser so they could shrink her. Her powers are unlike all other Magikoopas because it isnt just magic she shoots, its also shells and fire. she can also teleport

a Goomba with a Blue cap in Paper Mario. he lived in Goomba village with his Family and a Toad. The village was made up of the family and Toad. Goombario was the first party member to join Mario and playing as a Goomba would be pretty cool


The Race of Nintendo:
Description: There are a bunch of racers and you have to beat them all in 4 laps. You VS a bunch of Nintendo Stars including Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Mario, StarFox & Pokemon. There are 5 courses and they are randomly picked in Party or Story Modes.

Unlucky 7:
Description: the aim is to be the first to get 3 of the same but if you get 3 sevens you will be flamed by Bowser! First to get flamed will lose and the rest win but if someone gets 3 of the same picture (Except for 7) they will Win!

Shootinx the Sphinx:
It's unlockable once completed Dry Dry Desert. You have to shoot Stars at the Yoshi Sphinx. It's a 1-Player Mini-Game and you get to choose your difficulty when playing in Mini-Game Mode.
: he appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 i think and didnt appear again. it would be cool if he did appear again
Crackin355 said:
: he appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 i think and didnt appear again. it would be cool if he did appear again

He did appear on Zelda Link´s Awakening, the nintendo comics of the 80´s/90´s (well, one anyway), and appeared again on the psuedo-new game Super Mario Advance. Also, he´s been mentioned and cameoe´d a couple of times, like in the DS Animal Crossing, in which there is a frog dude that moves to your town, named Wart Jr or something like that.

And yes, he definitely should be back.

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