Best Bowser Moment

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What do you think is the best Bowser moment or cutscene? Post your answers here, along with the game that it's in. My favorite is in PM: TTYD, when Bowser makes it to poshley sanctum looking for a Crystal Star, and Pennington tells him that Luigi has it (not knowing that Luigi was actually Mario) , and Bowser, looking SO surprised, said '' Are you telling me that LUIGI beat me here!?'' ;D


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I hate comic relief Bowser. :(

The best one is in the beginning of Paper Mario where he actually beats Mario and sends him plummeting to his near death. I can't help it, I like seeing video game villains win.


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pretty much any Paper Mario 1 moment


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Best Bowser moment? Well, I don't know what my favorite one is, but I know the cut-scene after fighting Grodus in TTYD was pretty cool.