Sanrio's 39th Annual Character Ranking


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The Sanrio Character Ranking is an annual, popularity contest for Sanrio characters and this year marks its 39th year!☆
The Sanrio Character Ranking will be held for the 39th time this year, and this year's theme is "Love & Thanks〜All we need is mutual love and thanks!〜".


Voting will begin from 11:00 April 11 (Thu), 2024, to 5:00 May 26 (Sun), 2024 (JST). Who will you be voting for? Sanrio Character Ranking 2024!~
Voting has begun!

"You can vote once a day for your favorite character(s)!. Just press the vote button near the characters. Anyone can vote once per character, every day."

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Badtz Maru better win. It's been 28 years since he won.
EDIT: And Comgimyun too!
Actually, I wouldn't mind if Badtz didn't win. As long as Cinna doesn't take the crown, I'm good.
Voting begins tomorrow!
Ranking begins today!
Of all Sanrio characters, #purinsweep has become the most popular hashtag. Pompompurin has the highest number of supporters!
44 more days!

Top 6:

1. Cinnamoroll
2. Pompompurin
3. Kuromi
4. Pochacco
5. Hello Kitty
6. My Melody

Everything is looking good for Badtz and Cogi! #badtzsweep #cogimyunsweep
10. Badtz Maru
11. Cogimyun
35(?) days left!
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