Mario vs DK 3 (Minis March Again) Level Upload

:mario: VS. :dk: Minis March Again! was relased for DSiware and its Construction Zone allows to publicly upload your levels.
If you have any levels uploaded notify here! Also, my friend code is 1720-1365-6609 and my user is Maurinho.
Levels uploaded: Up to now I have uploaded Magnets, Pipes (if you like pipe craziness then try this), Magnets2 (climb up walls), PipesLv2 (more craziness!), Springs (boing) and Mayhem (varietys). I'm also uploading "Mario vs DK 4: Minis to the rescue!" and it may take along 3 days until the whole floor 1 is uploaded (5 levels). Its called "Minis to the rescue" because you have to rescue different minis every level.

EDIT: Thanks for everyone that downloaded (almost all of my levels have one download) and rated (Pipes and Floor1-1 have a 4-star rating).
The whole Floor 1 is uploaded and floor 2 will be online soon (Floor2-1 and Floor2-3 already are.) LOL I'm editing again cuz level 2-4 is already uploaded. (just floor 2-1 wasn't approved, I guess Nintendo didn't like it) SUPER LOL the whole floor 2 (EXCEPT for 2-1) plus Floor3-1 are online now. Floor2-1 may take a few days...

PSS: Is someone following this? Almost every level that gets approved has a download... Or is it other people (lol lets create a level twitter)?

Nerdy Guy

I realy wanted to get the game, but I ran out of Wii Shop/Nintendo points. XP