Project Peridot: a Teedgee Original


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Good afternoon/Morning/Evening/Noon/Midnight (depending on your timezone idk), people

So a while ago in my art thread, I mentioned that I planned to start writing my own fiction this year, I even left a brief introduction to it in there;
Name: Ruby Carata
Gender: She/Her
Age: 38 (although she had been sealed away for thousands of years before reincarnating as a light spirit (trust me she has a very convoluted backstory im only scratching the surface))
Personality: Kind, caring, but also a tad snarky
Traits or whatever: Kinda bird-brained when it comes to some things, sometimes gets too carried away and doesn't know when to stop, despite being kinda bitchy at times, she always means well and does everything she does with good intentions.
Story: Ruby is the princess of Tourmala, Kingdom of Jewels. She's a very respected and beloved figure among society, despite her parents, the King and Queen, being tyrannical dictators. She used to be a fearless warrior as well, defeating all sorts of evil threatening to destroy/take over the kingdom (and even the entire world on a few occasions) with her own alliance of heroes, but after her parents died from a mysterious illness, and she got married and became a mother, she retired from heroism and decided to live a normal life, not even as an authoritarian figure of any kind, despite the kingdon clamouring for a new leader for years after the King and Queen's passing. She's still willing to run for elections though, as she wants to ensure everyone in the kingdom is happy and content. Against her is her uncle Jasper, who's kind of a dick to everyone, but he's managed to win the public over with the guidelines he set up, and this weird, mysterious guy known as Tenebrus, who just casually came out of nowhere, nobody knows who he even is, and he rarely even shows up, but he's running for elections too for some reason (like who does blue think he is 😭). Really weird monarchy aside, Ruby has to ensure she keeps a balance between all that, as well as the elephant (or rather, elephants) in the room; Tourmala is a really weird, and often dangerous kingdom, filled with a ton of monsters, corrupt people with a lot of power, and other threats, roaming around every little corner, so she, as well as her friends and family for that matter, have to watch out, maybe even uncover some dark secrets about Tourmala along the way...

Yea side note, I also came up with "Project Peridot" as a name for it, since I didn't have one for quite a while, although it's a work in progress so expect it to change

I figured, however, knowing that there would be an influx in terms of things I'd post regarding this passion project, that it was wise to make an entire thread dedicated to it, and keep my main art thread for more general things like fanart or other original works of mine not related to this one.

It'll be a while before I can share some actual story chapters on here for y'all to read, so the best I can do is answer some questions anyone may potentially have (highly doubt I'll get those but still, feel free to ask questions, maybe leave suggestions too, I highly appreciate that)

For the time being, I've drawn some of the main characters, I'm pretty sure this'll be their final desigjs, although it's possible I might make some changes here and there

Anyway uhhhhhh i hope y'all like them

I've still got plenty more characters to draw, and I'll share them here when I'm done, since I'm personally proud of what I did so far.

Finally, not to be a shill or anything, but I might also post some more info about this project on different social media, so if you wanna know more about it, you could follow my twitter or join my discord (which I could DM an invite to if you're interested), since there's definitely gonna be some stuff there I might not post here

K that's all for now byeeeeeeee :wink: