New Monobook.css: Autumn


PM Pro
I wonder why I never announced this here before. :P

Those who have used my skins may notice what I call "glaze", glow, and other image effects I've always used are gone this time - because in my upgrade of Photoshop Elements from 2.0 to 7.0 doesn't have those. Finally breaking tradition, I found a really epic other one: "Graphic Pen". It takes the two saved hexadecimals that Photoshop can store and recolors parts of it one way or the other, but in a natural, smooth way, I think by checking major color changes pixel-by-pixel:

I didn't play around with the settings of it this time, but I did cycle through all image effects, and this was by far the best (of only few that were good for Monobooks). I can do it for every skin thanks to the variable colors it uses, so I hope to play around next time.

Remember to go to User:Wayoshi/monobook.css if you want this or any past skin...I left Wario on about twice as long as I should have, so this was well overdue... :)

Nerdy Guy

It's very epic, too bad I'm pretty much retired wiki wise; It's a pretty awesome monobook. (I'm Nerdy Guy BTW)


King Bowser
Nice job, Wayo. I'm already using your Summer theme, but when Autumn comes, I'll probably switch to this.


PM Pro
Hi everyone,

I have made 2 "tweaks"

1. I have added an option to have some SMB3 leafs along the content bg,
2. I have fixed the similar color of the visited links with the new links by using dotted to show new links (2257's suggestion).