Which Game is Better?

Briar Beauty

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3D Land.

Super Mario Land is alright but it's very short and whilst impressive for being a handheld game of its time, it's still kinda primitive? I do respect it though for having an original setting and for being the debut of Daisy and Tatanga.

3D Land was an very nice 3DS game with a good selection of levels that were fun to play through. It also had a good soundtrack. However it was much too easy and was very sterilized in its story, characters, and setting.

The Conniving Canine

Wolfie aka BlueShelledKoopaTroopa
Super Mario Land was interesting, but a bit awkward in controlling.

Super Mario 3D Land was fine. I did play 3D World before 3D Land, so that kinda affects how I view that game.

I still say 3D Land was better, but of course it's going to be better.