The Todd Toad Show!


Koopa Troopa
Today, let's talk about our favorite animated sitcom, The Todd Toad Show!

It's about a toad named Todd who finds himself in weird adventures just by doing seemingly normal things.

Your job is to recall an Out of Context moment from an episode of The Todd Toad Show, followed by the plot of the episode, and the next poster has to find a way to properly explain it, while making an OOC moment and plot for the next one.
Todd: "Hey, Mario! How the heck does this PC work?"
Mario: "Oh, don'ta worry! I can handle installing Microsoft Windows for you!"
*Audiance Laughs*
Todd: "Uhh, okay?"
*Mario gets onto Todd's PC*
Mario: "Ahh, I see your-a problem! You're running DR-DOS instead of MS-DOS!"
*Audiance laughter*

Season 1: Episode 31 - Todd buys a new PC, and special guest Super Mario helps him.