Would your avatar be friends or enemies with the above avatar?

Pink Cat

Not always pink, not always a cat
Based on what you know about the above user's avatar at the time, would the character in your avatar be friends or enemies?
Feel free to give some details to help people make an educated guess, do not being rude and I advise people with avatars depicting real people to be cautious, especially if that person is themselves
Bubblun has never met this girl, but I guess they'll be friends.

Bubblun is a cheerful Bubble Dragon that might or might not be originally a human named Bubby.
Dewgong/Seel and Bubblun both blow bubbles, so yeah I could see a friendship happening.
Friends, Moe would find Dewgong interesting for tricks but be for the most part kind to Dewgong.
Probably friends, as long as there's no shady things going on behind the scenes.
Cream the Rabbit(no relation) is one of the Twelve Eto Rangers, living in a place called Mugen, the goal of the Eto Rangers is to prevent altering the novel worlds that make of the novel pole so Mugen doesn't fall into the Ocean, she is sweet hearted but cam give into jealousy and is easily irritated
I don't see why a Seal like Pokémon would be altering books, plus Cream loves cute things, so probably friends
I could see a friendship happening. Nanaki has moments of being snarky.
That dog looks like she might be up to some killing, but Flowey isn't the type to have friends.
Bubblun would laugh at the rabbit and then leave, Enemies due to Bugs Bunny's habits?

Bubblun is a cheerful Bubble Dragon that might or might not be originally a human named Bubby
Sneegle would trie to be Rotor's friend if only to exploit all the latter's inventions. I imagine that Rotor wouldn't like Sneegle once he figured that out, though. Sneegle would be unlikely to use the inventions as intended.
Spider-man is similar to Sonic in many ways, so yes, Rotor would be friends with spider-man. He probably would also help develop some spider-man gadgets, lol.