Favorite/Least Favorite Charriii5 Videos?


Koopa Troopa
This post is asking for opinions on the favorite and least favorite videos Charriii5 has made on his channel. He sometimes covers Mario content, and his videos are all over the place in terms of quality.
  • Everything Wrong With Paper Mario: Sticker Star - His reasoning for disliking the game is sound, and it's quite hilarious seeing him rage during certain points of the video.
Least Favorite:
  • Everything Wrong With Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - This reveals Charriii5's biggest problem: he blames the game for his shortcomings. This is especially apparent during the boss rants, which get increasingly worse as the video progresses. There are three reasons why he has been struggling throughout this game: he has trouble controlling all four characters in combat, he admits to not using Bros. Items for almost the entire game until the fight with Princess Shroob and has dumb reasoning for not using Bros. Items, and worst of all, he is underleveled. The low 20,000s range looks like a lot of EXP, but it's actually far less. Elder Princess Shroob is level 31, and the amount of EXP Charriii5 has nets him a level of, I kid you not, 23. I'm not sure how something like this happens, but I can safely assume that he hasn't bothered to grind for EXP. I can somewhat see why he wouldn't know this since the game doesn't show the enemies' levels, but if you go throughout most of the game feeling like you A) don't do enough damage, B) can't take a hit, or C) don't have enough HP to survive for a while, how do you not guess that you are underleveled? If I were to make an Everything Wrong With Partners in Time post, this would be so bad that it warrants ten sins. Oh, but absolute worst part of the video is his rant on Elder Princess Shroob. Before explaining why this is a bad thing, I will counter his points. First off, the amount of HP Elder Princess Shroob has doesn't matter, because assuming you are at least close to her level, which I've already established that Charriii isn't, a Great rating with the Copy and Mix Flowers does anywhere from 400 to 500 damage. With that knowledge, you will be mowing down her HP in no time, or at least Charriii would be if he bothered to grind. Second, who cares if you don't have the Mix Flower? Charriii5 does have the Mix Flower, therefore his hypothetical situation means absolutely nothing. Now for why Charriii5 is wrong for sinning this fight. Elder Princess Shroob is one of the most popular fights in the Mario franchise. Not only that, but he sins this fight for all the wrong reasons, as stated previously. He thinks it's the game's fault he's been struggling, and he also thinks that just because he has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, he can get away with it and nobody's going to care. I know not everyone is going to like this fight, and you're eventually going to find someone who dislikes what is popular. Well, this usually wouldn't be an issue, because in the context of any other Charriii5 video, I would be okay with this as long as his reasoning is sound. Well, here's the catch. Not only is all of his reasoning flawed, but by doing this at all, he breaks one of the fundamental rules he set for his series. In his Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind video, he says that whenever he comes across a hard fight, he has to make sure everyone agrees that the fight is hard, and it's not just him who's struggling with it. But if he actually took the time to look at people's opinions, he would have seen that this boss is incredibly popular among the fanbase. It seems like the concept of being true to your word just isn't a thing to Charriii. It's not just one or two instances of Charriii complaining about a boss being too hard for him and someone tells him to get good, he's been like this for most of the video. He doesn't bother to recognize when he messed up, or worse, he does recognize his flaws, but decides to blame the game for it for some stupid reason, and then creates these seemingly understandable rules, but doesn't even bother to follow them. This begs the question: What's the point of making rules if you can't even follow them? This is the worst video Charriii5 has ever created, and I may even go as far as calling it one of the worst videos on the website.