Marioverse Battle: # 9 DAISY & PEACH vs. BOWSER & BO


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Toad: Hi! And welcome to yet another installment of everybodys favorite show, MARIOVERSE BATTLE! I'm your host, Toad...

Toadette: And I'm Your co-host, Toadet... why aren't my words violet?

Ultimatetoad: I'm afraid of the color tags now.....

Toadette:...... today we have a very special match for you folks! It all started when Daisy and Bowser Jr. were having there usual arguments (who's the worst idea, who has the least personality, who has the fewest fans, etc....) when Bowser Jr. said something very hurtful to Daisy. I do not know what it was, and odds are he probably didn't say anything at all, but you know Daisy.... So anyway, Daisy ran crying to Peach's Castle, and Peach promised that she would launch a full-scale invasion on the Koopa Troop. While the Toads and the Koopas are outside killing each other, the princesses confronted the Turtles in Bowser's Castle for the showdown. Because Bowser is so sure of his victory, he has invited us to tape it worldwide. thought all that up RIGHT now?

Ultimatetoad: :lol:

Toad: Well, I'm voting for Bowser and his little brat.... the princesses are soft. They don't stand a chance,

Toadette: We'll see....
Also, would Bowser even want to fight Peach? He has a pretty big crush on her- Battling her doesn't really fit his character, except in Super Princess Peach, but there his emotions weren't very stable due to all the Vibe Wand shenanigans.

But based on that game, Peach stands a decent chance. Not sure how good a fighter Daisy is though.
Ummm... well...... lets not use too much logic here.......Bowser did fight Peach in SSBM....
Roast those two babes. Make them hot roasted chicks.

Me sound like Stumpers. Oook Oook.
That's the thing about people. You hang around them too long, they rub off on you.


*clamps mouth shut*
*runs to nearest therapist*
Daisy go BURN!!! :twisted: MWAHAHAHAHA!!! (actually, more like, mweheheheh!) but, uh... FROG MARIO! over there!
Peach and Daisy don't stand a chance!
Max2 said:
Daisy go BURN!!! :twisted: MWAHAHAHAHA!!! (actually, more like, mweheheheh!) but, uh... FROG MARIO! over there!

One day... I shall laugh over the bones of a defeated Daisy...
Smiddle said:
You guys sound like you're starting a civil war inside the Marioverse.

actually, I HATE :daisy: daisy go :bobomb: and then :boo: