What are some of your favorite music things?

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Title is pretty self explanatory, talk about your favorite music things! Bands, artists, albums, etc. If you don't listen to "real life" music you can talk about video game OSTs as well. If it's something you like and something music related it's fair game in this thread.


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I listen to both calmer music and more intense music, so I'll divide this into two parts

~ Calmer Music ~

Taswell, in my opinion, is the best of my calm songs, and probably my favorite song of all time. I like how it slowly starts out with these calm vibrations while gradually adding more sound while still keeping it serene, building up to the start of the beat. The melody itself is very calm and relaxing. Then, all the sounds stop expect for a few, almost silent noises, and then the beat starts and the piano comes in. If every song had a specific time of day attached to it, I'd say this song is dusk. When I hear this song I think about relaxing with friends as the sun settles and the moon comes out. I don't know how C418 did this but this song is pure magic.

I don't think I need to give another example of a calm song I like, I think Taswell is the best of the category and has everything I love about calm music like it. I don't know the song's genre but I don't think I need to. I'ts a rare case where I don't get tired of listening to the same song.

~ Frenetic Music ~

This is where I have more variety. I recently discovered this gem while listening to the Unleashed soundtrack. I love the beggining with the saxophone and the buildup to the beat. Speaking of which, I love this kind of beat, where it adds more rhythm with weaker beats but faster beats. Plus you mix in the trumpets, the strings and the synths and you really feel like going at breakneck speeds in a big city.

If you don't know, I'm a sucker for violins mixed in with synth/rock music. I think it gives the song more energy and makes it feel happier, and these four are prime examples. While the original from Unleashed leaned more into rock it still featured the violins prominently and the three Generations versions of Rooftop Run go all in with this and even throw in a piano for good measure. The Generations versions feels like running around without worrying about anything and the Speed Shoes version fills me with joy.

Yet another Sonic song, what a surprise! Like what I said with Taswell, if every song had a time of day associated with it, this one would be morning (around 10 am). The guitar captures the peace of the morning while the beat moves fast and the violin also carries the melody. It's like a combination of the past two frenetic songs with relaxing vibes.

Of course, I couldn't mention music I love without mentioning this game. Good Egg Galaxy feels like the start of a grand adventure with the whole orchestra: trumpets, drums, violins, flutes, harps, etc. all playing a wonderous and hopeful song while Gusty Garden fills me with joy with the acoustic guitars, flutes, violins and trumpets that never fail to cheer me up.

I wanted to divide these in two since I feel they each fall into different categories. I think these three are different because they feel more grandiose and more imposing. Battlerock feels like you're entering enemy territory with its militant and intense drums and the hostile yet hopeful violins, Buoy Base with the intense piano and synth giving off a more mechanical feeling while keeping the drums, trumpets and violins, and Melty Molten also feels hostile yet hopeful with more "lava level"-y elemnts with its unusual drums and when the music explodes and the violins come in, it feels so good!

I may make a follow-up post with more real life music I enjoy cuz I don enjoy music that's not video game OST's but right now I just wanted to talk about video games.

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I absolutely adore the songs in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the Equestria Girls franchise (and the movie and specials). Like it's 90% of what I listen to whenever I'm listening to standalone music in my free time. My favorites are:

(edit: adding spoiler tags to a few)

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I absolutely adore the songs in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the Equestria Girls franchise (and the movie and specials). Like it's 90% of what I listen to whenever I'm listening to standalone music in my free time. My favorites are:

(edit: adding spoiler tags to a few)

My favorite of those was always This Day Aria.


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So I spent an afternoon making this... it's not even complete

My music tastes are all over the place, so it's hard for me to dislike any particular genre. Genres in my playlist include rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, c-pop, k-pop, j-pop, edm, vgm, chiptune, country, house, disco, classical, latin, jazz, R&B.... and there are those subgenres that blend such jazz metal, fusion, rap. Just from the list it should pop out that you see like this heavy metal and then you see this romantic Chinese music or girly pop songs. I suppose I have mostly metal songs or songs that incorporate metal but there's a HUGE world of music to explore I mean I should look into music around the world (I like music in foreign languages too such as French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian; I always feel the music misses out just a little when foreign bands sing in English) and also explore some genres like country more.

I don't actually substantially listen to lyrics that much as much as I listen to their notes, the quality of the voice, and how the notes of the voice mesh with the songs. I don't think there's a single song out of thousands I listen to that I know all the lyrics (some I do know most of the lyrics). They might as well be sung by foreign speakers sometimes. Yes, I know some of the lyrics in the songs are innuendo or otherwise lowbrow.

Anyway some recurring artists. If anyone out there likes what I share, that'll be splendid. It's not going to be a short list, and it's just a sample of music from the artists, not an extensive list, but artist-wise it's as much as I can try to show

Iron Maiden - metal. one of the most famous metal bands. helped me get into the genre.
Megadeth - metal. also one of the big ones
Judas Priest - metal. another big one
Dream Theater - prog metal, one of the bigger metal bands
Epica - symphonic power metal, orchestra/opera singing. female vocalist
Nightwish - symphonic power metal; opera singing. keyboards. female vocalist
Rhapsody of Fire - symphonic power metal, lotsa shredding!
The Algorithm - electronic/metal; atmospheric; instrumental, chiptune
Lye By Mistake - metal. not the easiest thing to listen to, as it's really technical. some are instrumental, but vocals, if there, are screaming.
Party Cannon - metal. brutal stuff. not easy at all to listen to. growling vocals! funny logo.
Breed 77 - alternative metal, flamenco, acoustics, Spanish
Citadel_ - french; alternative rock, like Muse but more "dark". criminally underrated, might have to do with the fact the name isn't easily found and is otherwise shared with another band.
Russian Circles - alternative rock, instrumental
Mary's Blood - metal. Japanese (Japanese lyrics). Female band, because there's not enough female instrumentalists.
BAND-MAID - metal. Japanese. Female band
Smash Hit Combo - metal. french. linkin' park inspiration? great songs for try-hard gamers (but I like it)
Гран-КуражЪ (Grand Courage) - metal. russian. i like it when people sing songs in foreign languages.

And if you hate the entire metal genre, I do have other stuff. Like soul, jazz, etc

Organ Freeman - jazz, organ (as advertised); instrumental
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - jam, rock
Medeski Martin & Wood - jazz, organ; instrumental; fusion
Orgone - jazz, soul, fusion; funk instrumental in some music
Maynard Ferguson - jazz, fusion, SHRIEKING TRUMPETS; instrumental
Yellowjackets - jazz, fusion, instrumental
Weather Report - jazz, fusion, instrumental
Big Phat Band - jazz, big band! instrumental
Pieces of a Dream - jazz; instrumental; saxophone
Youngblood Brass Band - jazz, brass like trumpets, tuba, trombone. saxophones sneak in despite being woodwind. perfect fodder for the "character covers their ears to brass ensemble" meme videos; some instrumental, some lyrics (usually rap)
Stevie Wonder - pop, soul, R&B
The Trammps - disco, soul
Kool and the Gang - disco, soul
The 411 - R&B
Destiny's Child - R&B
Mephiskapheles - ska. funny band.
Math the Band - rock. math rock? nintendocore? idk this one is nonsensical. songs use chiptune. lyrics seem absurd (third song has "i don't understand it. someone tell me where these horses coming from? what's the deal with the horses!!!?"), music video is trippy. the singing is also really absurd too.
DNCE - pop
Dua Lipa - pop
Helene Segara - pop. French.
Shakira - pop, latin
Santana - pop, latin, guitar
The Cranberries - rock
50 cent - rap
Eminem - rap
Warren G - rap
Will Smith - rap
Fetty Wap - rap
Mac Miller - rap
Naughty By Nature - rap
Black Eyed Peas - rap
WagakkiBand - Japanese. Hard rock, mix with traditional Japanese instruments.
Red Velvet - k-pop
罗燕丝 - cpop
鳳凰傳奇 - cpop (more annoying chinese dance music!)
(I also have like several Chinese songs that I remember because but if it weren't for Shazam I'd never find them)
Some mishmash of pop music
Oh and a mishmash of uh, "EDM"? I guess I'll go with that. Basically all that dance club music, think DDR. Eurodance, happy hardcore, etc. I particularly like the ones by Gammer & Dougal, Darren Styles.
Mishmash of "classical" music (more like just symphony music; classical covers only one era, not baroque or like romantic). There's a lot of variants of these songs, can't pinpoint exactly which ones)

(i'm sorta happy in this regard youtube removed dislikes here because i don't want the feeling that people hate the songs i like haha)

I probably have to thank Smash modding ultimately for helping me try to explore as many genres I can so each stage has a distinct "personality" music-wise. Like I cram all the hiphop into Port Town Aero Dive, the Latin music into Golden Plains, Soul into like Great Sea, Symphonic Power Metal into Castle Siege, and so on. I also thank some games like GTA V and other games with radio stations as it helps me also wade in the waters of multiple genres. The key to liking songs is basically giving them several listens! Some songs you like right away but I found some songs I like more and more with each subsequent listen.

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