What was your team combo in MK:DD!!


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Mine was Wario and King boo in the Toad Car (Via Action Replay)

W/O AR, I used the Wario car
Toadette driving and parakoopa on the back on Luigi's stroller thingy.
Bowser Jr. and Baby Luigi in the Bullet Blaster.

Chain Chomp ftw.
I always used three sets.

Set 1: King Boo and Baby Luigi in King Boo's kart

Set 2: Daisy and Bowser Jr. in Daisy's kart

Set 3: Luigi and Toadette in Luigi's kart

Once in a while I used paratroopa, diddy, and toad, but not very often.
Daisy and Bowser Jr. in Daisy's kart.

and sometimes Toadette and Diddy Kong in the train thing.
I never really had one, I don't think. I just chose players each time.