Issue 179


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Former 'Shroom Staff
Ninja Squid
Hello there, readers of The 'Shroom!

We are pleased to announce that Issue 179, the very first issue under Waluigi Time and myself's term is out, so make sure to take a look at all of the sections written by our wonderful team of writers. Please, make sure to read their good work and to support them in any way you can, whether it be by voting on our Section of the Month polls or by participating in threads in our newly created 'Shroom Creations sub-board!

Our term is starting quite well, and we are very exciting to keep up doing good work, like making it easier to look for older issues! Yes, compared to Nintendo, we here at The 'Shroom, we care about making our legacy content as accessible as possible. As for the future, we are thrilled to prepare activities that will keep The 'Shroom engaged with the community. As I am writing these lines, some fun games are currently in development, with one currently planned right next month! Stay tuned for it.

That is all I had to say for now. Have fun reading this freshly released issue, and in the meantime, WT, the core staff, and myself, we will strive to make 2022 a fun year for everyone in the community!