YouTube Beta Channels


A complete wanker.
They suck. You have to have an annoying ad on your screen, most of the favourite, uploaded and recommended video lists do not even work or are extremely faulty most of the time, and they are forcing people to convert to it if they do not by July14th, despite that most of the YouTube community has pointed out it's obvious flaws.

Also, note how it's called Beta, which means it shouldn't even have been published yet, I'm not sure what they're hoping to achieve with this.
There's a few groups on there against the beta channel and I've joined one of them.

The establishment carries out major changes even though they haven't even thought of taking the time to ask the community for their opinion, because they know it's going to be a no.

This, sadly, happens too often in the world. *coughTreatyofLisboncough*
Ever since Google acquired it, Youtube went down the shitter.