Issue 177

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
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Hooded Pitohui
Hello, members of the Mario Wiki community and readers of The 'Shroom, and happy holidays to all of you! We have a gift for you, and that gift is issue 177 of The 'Shroom! It's our special holiday issue, graced by a banner created by the wonderful BBQ Turtle (and with some additional artistic contributions by Waluigi Time), so there's naturally quite a bit for you to look at in this Yoshi-themed issue.

First and foremost, there's our 'Shroomfest, where, this month, Roserade is going to need someone to throw him a bone as he makes the clearly incorrect case that dogs are more interesting than and cooler than birds. If you're ready to join in the debate by helping me show him that birds are better, of course, hop on over to this thread, and remember to vote in the poll on the 'Shroomfest page, too (you can do so once a week!).

If you're looking for some holiday baking tips (mostly fictional, but with a few real dishes you can actually make), check out the recipe book that the staff has put together this month. In a month celebrating Yoshi, how could we let the dinosaur's big appetite and associations with delicious fruits go uncelebrated?

For those of you interested in where The 'Shroom is going next year (which should be all of you, if I do say so myself), don't miss the Director Election and its question-and-answer/debate thread. If you're interested in running the paper for 2022, or have questions for the folks who are, be sure to give it a look.

To mark the end of the year, we want to celebrate all of you who have contributed to this project over the course of this year, and one way we can do that is through the End-of-the-Year Awards. Take a look, see what awards you earned! In the spirit of recognizing the hard work of our contributors, I've also written up a little special thanks section to express my gratitude to the staff and a few others who have been a big help these past two years.

On top of all of that, though, we have our usual six teams and Spotlight, filled with plenty of great content for you to read. That said, go on, read the issue, and have a happy holiday season and a grand new year, everyone!