Where would my idea belong?

Zdrmonster Productions

Bubblun the Bubble Dragon
I'm thinking if this following idea would fit in the roleplay board or the general forum games board:

It would be some kind of virtual pet game, where you start out by choosing what character do you want to be. Then you go to an adoption center where you choose which strange creature you would like to adopt as a pet. (Examples include: A creature that appears to be a Yoshi made out of goo, A Bubble Dragon similar to those that appear in the Bubble Bobble series, and a Toad made out of pink 'dyed' water.)

Once you choose your pet, you bring it to your house. Once you get to your house, you get to do some roleplaying with the pet alongside taking care of it, you can talk to your pet about their traits and quirks and what they like. You can submit up to 4 normal actions per-real life day that involve taking care of the pet, and the roleplaying is seperate.

Would there be anything else you'd want?