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Now there are a fck ton of smash ultimate guides, but most of them are misleading and somehow make you a worse player that starts spamming their forward ariels as mario. This is why I've come up whith the idea of everyone being able to share their own guides in this thread, so basically you can post your ways of how you think you could get better at smash ultimate.

Now I would say that a perfect way to improve competitive gameplay is to start practicing your spacing. A lot of times you'll find yourself shielding next to an opponent, not knowing what to do. There, I would recommend dodging away and then hitting your opponent with an air attack or use the a button while shielding to grab the opponent and then comboing off of a down throw or something. Spacing can also be used by dash dancing, confusing your opponent into your next move and then space it by pulling backwards after having done the attack. Another thing with it is that you always want to stay away and fish for that opportunity that you have to then strike them with one of your best moves instead of running into their charged smash attacks. For spacing improvements, I would recommend playing against mr. game & watch or Bowser, since they both make you think about your approaches.

Now that the basics are done, let's move on to reading your opponents. If you can't find a way to land your little mac f-smashes, then I would recommend trying to predict your opponent's next move like some kind of roll or airdoge so that you can punish it later on. For example, hitting a down tilt near the ledge would make your opponent probably air dodge right, so you are then free to land your greninga combos (or just litterally f-smash). The reading techniques also work for tech confirms: if you're trying to recover with someone and you notice that the opponent is going off the same ledge that you're trying to grab, that means they will certainly try to hit you with their back airs. But little did they know, you were prepared for that kind of nazz, and then press the back button at the right time to kill them off with something cool or probably not because you might be an absolute shitter at the game. For reading practice, it would be better to go off against wario or ryu, and for teching improvements, try versing a captain falcon or king k. Rool.

Oh ye and and for ledgetrapping it's simple just run off and use forward airiel

That's about it, for now at least, if you want to guide other players to become as good or as bad as you, then I'll just remind you that I said that you can litterally just post your entire text just like me.
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