Bastard's Rhapsody - A JoJo-inspired Novel


Hey there, members of the Mario Boards. I don't really have a lotta other places to post about this that have people that would care about this, so, I decided to post some shit about my project here.

Basically, this thing is called "Bastard's Rhapsody", and it's a work-in-progress action/adventure/drama novel that, as the title of this thread implies, is inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (this isn't a JoJo fan novel by the way). It's going to be released by chapter and by volume, just like a comic book or manga.

What is Bastard's Rhapsody about?

Well, the story of Bastard's Rhapsody follows the journey of Marmfeldi Branton, a young man who's on an adventure to seek vengeance on his mother, Rikki Branton, who had killed his father, Saggio Branton, after a violent dispute the two had. Throughout his quest to find Rikki, Marmfeldi encounters and fights with all sorts of bizarre characters, and he even discovers a power within himself as he continues with his journey.

Who are the characters?

Here are all of the major characters so far (most of them will be introduced later into the novel's run):

Marmfeldi Branton - The main protagonist. Marmfeldi is confrontational, rude, lacks a filter, and likes to tease those who he is around. However, he still cares for his close friends and his family. After all, he is Italian.

Saggio Branton - The fun, but often rude, father of Marmfeldi. All he wants for his son is for him to grow up to be a good man.

Rikki Branton - Marmfeldi's controlling and perfection-obsessed mother. She has manipulative tendencies that tie back to her past as a child, and she also has a mysterious ability that nobody but her own lackeys know about.

Parlayan - A kind, but sometimes aloof and forceful woman. She used to be a stripper who was often abused and controlled by her manager, however, something happened one day that allowed her to escape and be free.

Reoite - A cocky, playful, overconfident trickster who ran away with Rikki to America after being shamed by his parents for his own identity.

DuPaul - A sly, energetic, flirtatious, flamboyant soldier turned Vampire after an incident involving the death of his friend decades before the main events of the story.

By the way, disclaimer, each characters' abilities will be revealed as the story continues, so I won't reveal them here. It's gonna be a surprise. B))

What do the characters look like?

Right now (August 1st, 2021), there are only 2 official pieces of art for two characters, those two characters being DuPaul and Reoite. Here are there:


image0_2 (1).png


image0_1 (2).jpg

Both of these were created by one of my main illustrators, Elijah (or SH4RK.TEETH), on Discord.

More character art will be coming soon.

Is there a power system?

Yes, there is, and it's called "Senfuro". Senfuro is an ability that grants its user a sub-ability (or sub-abilities) based on whatever they've become extremely obsessed with or have a large amount of knowledge about.

You can learn more about Senfuro and how it develops in someone here:

(Yes, I did throw that document together in like 5 minutes.)

Where can I read this?

As of August 1st of 2021, most of the chapters haven't been completed or released, however, the prologue is mostly finished (it'll still be edited now and then for mistakes).

You can read the prologue here:

(Note: The reason why it says that this is the "No art" version of the prologue is that my illustrator is still working on the art for the prologue (yes, there will be art in each chapter). So, uh- yeah. I just wanted to clear that up real quick.)


My friends Elijah/SH4RK.TEETH and K1llur_ on Discord are the main illustrators on this project, so a special thanks goes to them for helping me out on this project!

Another one of my Discord friends, Zen, has helped me in the realm of ideas for Bastard's Rhapsody. Thanks for the ideas, Zen!


Anyways, thanks for reading this long-ass forum post, and I'll see you guys in the next one I guess.


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This actually sounds like Daffy's Rhapsody, a 2012 animated CGI Warner Bros. film to be honest lol.