1. Tsuagon

    Bastard's Rhapsody - A JoJo-inspired Novel

    Hey there, members of the Mario Boards. I don't really have a lotta other places to post about this that have people that would care about this, so, I decided to post some shit about my project here. Basically, this thing is called "Bastard's Rhapsody", and it's a work-in-progress...
  2. Mags

    Magolor04726 vs. The Masses! (Writing edition)

    Drop an idea, request, or something of a similar nature and I'll write a quick paragraph with that idea, theme, or whatever. See if I can't wow you!
  3. TroopaJuniorr

    Mario and Luigi PIT Novelized!

    Hello there! As an avid Mario and Luigi fan, and ESPECIALLY a fan of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, over the last half of 2019 I've created a novelization-ish of a 2005 DS RPG classic, which is currently 5 chapters and about 17,000 words long. If you care to delve into a new way to...