Marioboards Photo Contest-ish Thing


I chose this name by random don't judge me please-
NOT an awards game since that didn't work the last 5 times. So this is sort of a beta testing thread to see if the idea could work as an awards (or not-awards) tourney.
Basically, you have 5 days to get photos of all or some of the following. DM me your submissions. Those with the best photos for each thing get a point and whoever has the most points wins. If this makes it through beta testing it may adopt a bracket or round robin format but not for now. Don't need to formally sign up but it helps if you post in bold that you're gonna try it out. Photos can be from any game but has to be of the stated subject. Try to include action, dynamic interaction and a good composition with a clear focus on the subject to get a better chance at winning.
(oh and obviously you have to take the picture yourself)

Without further ado, these are the subjects:

These should all be from mario games! Good luck!