A Koopa Among Us

Yoshi Star Galaxy

Now on the Wii
Well, someone had to do it eventually!

Use this thread to discuss matters regarding this game with any living players, and cast a vote against an active player you feel is suspicious during the day phase. The player with the most vote will be ejected!


  • Be respectful to other players, and make sure to have fun!
  • Day and Night phases will each last 72 hours. Between each phases, there will be an intermission of 12 hours.
  • Votes must be cast like this: Vote: NS
  • Unvoting is allowed, but you must make sure to Unvote. Voting Skip Vote is allowed in this game by casting it like this: Vote: Skip Vote.
  • Any private messages or conversations regarding this mafia game must be sent to myself, unless I have access to them.
  • Do NOT quote or repost your role card under any circumstances. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a modkill.
  • Massive roleclaiming is not allowed.
  • Once you are eliminated, please make use of the lounge thread instead. Do not post any information on who are the innocent or impostor players, whether it is true or not.

Basic Gameplay Guidelines
  • During a Night phase, this is where players who have active abilities will commit their actions (Impostors will kill someone – Private Eye will learn the identity of a player – ETC.).
  • During a Day phase, this is where the identity of the player who is eliminated (or not in case there is none) will be revealed, followed by the voting period where all living players will vote to eliminate a player who is the most suspicious. It is also possible to not eject anyone if the majority of the players vote for this option. Tasks can also be roleplayed.
  • The game will cycle between these two phases until one faction (the Impostors or the Crewmates) is winning.

Special Rule: Sabotage
  • One time, the Impostors can choose to initiate a sabotage. This lasts one Day Phase and allows the Impostors to kill a character in said Day Phase in the confusion. This cannot be initiated within the first two Day/Night cycles.

RoleActionNumber of players
Highly VolatileExplodes (at will, once), killing themselves and a random player.1
PixilCan revive a character once.1
Private EyeCan learn the identity of a character once a night.1
Speed SuitCan choose to run to a hiding spot one night, without the knowledge of others. Kill and investigative attempts on them will fail.2
Master HandCan hold a player captive for one night phase, preventing them from carry out their special action, if applicable.1

Please confirm once you have received your role. The game will officially start on March 20th at 9:00 AM EST.
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