Koopas vs. Kremlings

Koopas vs. Kremlings

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Hmmm.... crocodiles, turtles..... whaddaya THINK?
Uhhh, yes? I don't really see what that has to do with things, I mean what if the Koopa Troop and Kremling Krew battled or something.
It just says "Koopas vs. Kremlings". No one said if they'd battle against each other in a fight. Neither playableness.
He said "who would win" not "whos the best"
I would guess the Koopas had numbers to their advantage, plus the use of magic, but the Kremlings are pretty advanced in the field of technology and weaponry, so its pretty much a wild guess over who would win.

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Koopas! Koopas! Koopas!