Weird VHS tapes that I found

Lightning McQueen

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(Note: this story is completely fictional, all names that appear (except for mine, Alex) are purely a coincidence.)
Hi, I’m Alex. I have an affinity for weird media and videos, they fascinate me. I always wonder about things while I watch them such as: “Who created this?”, “Where was it found?” and “What sort of event happened to it being forgotten?”. So today, while I was looking through a box of VHS tapes from my parent’s closet, I stumbled upon a light blue VHS with no label. (We label all of our VHS tapes, like Aladdin and Land Before Time have their own labels). There was no production date, no company name imprinted on, and no case to put it in. I grabbed the old VCR from the top of the closet, and hooked it up to our old TV.

I put the tape in, and pressed play. Some static appeared and then a title card reading “Weathers Manor” faded in on the screen. It then cut to a stairwell where the owner of the mansion walked in a robot like motion down the stairs and then spoke in a very cheesy British accent. “Hello there, I’m Mr. Weathers, the owner of Weathers Manor, and today, Ms. Weathers isn’t too well.” He then began to explain about how he inherited the mansion and introduced his family members: their daughter Sally, their son Lionel, and their butler Gerald. The animation was very primitive CGI, with very weird faces and glitches through out. On occasion, the picture would glitch out and the sound would get garbled. The credits rolled, and some names stuck out to me: Floris Maxwell, who voiced Mr. Weathers, Howard Flannigan, who worked on the animation, and Joshua Bormar, who created the show. A logo played showing a triangle with Mr. Weathers’s CGI face inside looking forward and the text BORMAR PRODUCTIONS: WHERE MAGIC BECOMES REALITY beneath it.

The screen became static and I took out the tape. It was very weird, far weirder than anything I had ever seen. I decided to post about it on Reddit and see if people knew about it. I also did a Google Search for the three names and the show. Nothing came up, it’s like it never existed. I hope to find out more and uncover more of Bormar Productions
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