What do you like about...

The above user asks what you like about something, you then ask another person what they like about something and so on
Do not make posts about horrible events or people or something NSFW
What do you like about The Wizard of OZ?

Blitz the Hero

The Hero who Defeated Dharkhira
Oh... it’s quite strange by me. The character design design is unique but it was not to my liking. In story, I think it’s a bit off. The book is good, but I would give it an 8.5/10.
What do you like about online school?
or does that qualify as a catastrophic event?


Prince of LOUD.
meh. online school can be a whole lot worse. at least, in my case, i just have two classed to deal with at a time, so that's great.

what's the best ace attorney game?