Fall Guys

Mak n' sauce

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So I still don't own this game yet but apparently from what I've heard, it's really good and it's worth buying. I even watched the game being streamed and it looked like a lot of fun, and I even bet you the game will be free on the switch just like Fortnite. It was released about last month and came out really popular, saying it will then be better than Fortnite in one of its updates. So here you can discuss about their stages, skin designs, unfair gameplay, and everything else about the game.


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never played it either but from what vids ive watched the graphics are just so fun and cheery! they keep reminding me of like, one specific mario odyssey subarea LMAO
not really fond of their noises though for whatever reason. and the music .

Mak n' sauce

I bestow upon you the honor of stupidity
the stages look very fun, and the gameplay just looks so awesome. I really hope the game will get on the switch soon enough, and if it's free, then I'll download it as soon as I can

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I don't think it'll be free on the switch (Nintendo Online) But it does look like an exciting game.


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i also havent played it yet (still waiting for the switch version), but it looks really fun. the minigames remind me of mario party, the game looks so colorful, and i'm a sucker for games this colorful. i don't think it'll be free, it would most probably cost 20 bucks just like it does on pc and ps4. however i dont think it would need a nso subscription, like, fortnite doesnt need one, so i dont think fall guys would.

Mak n' sauce

I bestow upon you the honor of stupidity
The only problem with the game are the sound effect, they're honestly not that great on the characters, and I just hope you can turn off sound effects in an update

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Block Party in Fall Guys reminds me of Book Squirm from MP4 alot. I wish there was a Mushroom Mix Up like game. (No, the current memory Game doesn't count)