Any way to literally change my email address

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I don't mean like change the email account with which a given site will contact you (such as Mario Wiki has your email address for your account, but that's not what I mean.) What I mean is literally change the address used to contact your email account without just making a new email account - so it doesn't break everything you've signed up for with that email address. I have an old email account that I've owned since I was about 11 and I want to keep that account because I use it for important things but I don't like the address that 11 year old me wrote for it so any chance I can change it? Or will I have to either keep that address or make a new account?

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Likely not. I don't think it's possible to redirect your old email address into a new one without simply making a new one; your email is used for a lot of things and sites always ask you if you're using this email address and whatever. Just make a new one, you're probably going to need a new one later in life anyway.


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It's not possible to just change an email address and call it a day, but it is possible to create a new one and use something like Outlook to move the existing emails to the new one address by simply dragging them over. I don't know how your email provider would respond to that though, so proceed with caution if you do take this route.