A cool Mario 64 hack I found.

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First, you're sharing a modified ROM which I think goes against the site rules on sharing ROMs of existing games. Perhaps you can give the files needed for compiling into a .z64 but a full ROM? Probably not. Not even Smash Remix gives you a ROM; you have to find it yourself. Even SMW Central has a rule on sharing ROMs, that you need to submit an IPS file and not a ROM. (new rules say ROMs containing any copyrighted content cannot be shared).

Second, there's like zero pictures provided. What is even in the hack? How can I even be sure the hack is safe to play? And why are your credits just "this guy", why not provide the user name, "SNDBB"?

Even searching SNDBB's posts in SMW hacking central gives me no information. One thread looks like a rejected ROMhack of Super Mario World. There's another thread of an unspecified deleted ROMhack (I think it's also Super Mario World) which there are zero screenshots supplied and I am not sure if that's the ROM hack you're talking about since you provided so little information on it.

So yeah, there's practically zero information about it and I think if you really want to share this stuff you have to be more descriptive and at least provide a preview? I also don't know if much people are in to ROM hacking in this forum, but I don't see how this will draw people in even if this community does have that focus. If you're trying to get people to download it because it's some underrated gem, you can do a much better job.

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Hello! A couple things.

First, as LGM pointed out, sharing an actual ROM is against the rules of the forum. I've removed the link for that reason. Patches are allowed, but they must be the patch alone, no ROM can be provided even if it's modified.

Secondly, as Fan Creations is for your own material and not that of others, I'm moving this to Video Games.