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Bob Craples

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This thread is for people to share Nintendo rumors with others. Have a nice day. 🙂

Princess Viola

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Anyone else remember the Ben creepypasta
If you're talking about Ben Drowned, apparently the guy who wrote it began publishing a third part this year.

Honestly I feel that doing stuff like that makes the stories less interesting, like I kind of stopped caring about the whole haunted video game creepypasta stuff ages ago because so many of them were similar and just copying concepts from Ben Drowned, but IDK I guess I still think of creepypasta as just the internet version of old urban legends that'd get passed around like 'on the door there was a HOOK!' or 'humans can lick too' and I feel they work best when they're relatively short and not like huge multipart story things?

Anyways did anyone else believe the rumors that went around during the Wii days about how Nintendo was gonna release a Wii HD with like DVD playback abilities around the whole 2009 - 2011 era? I did even though I didn't even own an HDTV at the time. (Really I was just more hoping for the 'DVD playback' part of the rumors TBH, even though I already had like three DVD players at the time)