which game have you started recently?


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started my third mario odyssey playthrough last week. extra bits of challenge is taking a pic of every kingdom state, tryig to collect every moon and regional coin possible before going to the next kingdom. and i guess no checkpoint teleports because with my stick its harder than darker side at this point 🤷 though i still do it sometimes. anyway its been going pretty well for the most part !


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Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion a couple days ago.

The Switch version doesn't seem that well optimized, the load times are pretty long and the frame rate gets kinda choppy when loading in new chunks of terrain. I've also had the game softlock on me right before the Fern boss fight a few times. But I believe I'm already pretty close to the end.


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I finally got around to starting Luigi's Mansion 3 today. Not very far into it, just got onto the fifth floor, but loving what I've played so far.