Torpedo Ted and Frost/Ice Piranha Plant


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Hey, I was wondering if CastleResearch has models of Torpedo Ted and the Frost/Ice Piranha Plant similar to this Thwimp Model? It'll only be a few moments, since I got a hike to go to. Oh, and don't forget this info that may have already been seen from the Japanese Wikipedia article on Piranha Plant: Frost/Ice Piranha Plant - Appeared in "Mario Story". Pac-n's flower that lives on a cold stage. It basically exhales ice, but in Paper Mario RPG it has the same effect as a normal bite attack. At first it was an enemy that I could step on. In "Mario Story", the HP was inferior to Poison Pack, but in "Paper Mario RPG", the HP was higher than Poison Pack. The body is blue. In " New Super Mario Bros. U ", a pack of flowers that spits ice. The nature is almost the same as Fire Pack, and the body color is the same as the conventional Pack. (For the discussion.)
Get a dump of the game and use Switch Toolbox to get the models and render those with a 3D program.
Wait a minute. Aren't you Baby Luigi? I already have Blender, and I already mastered some models in my grasp. Like these! But I would love to see the Petal Guy's Yoshi's New Island model. (Since only the regular red robed ones make an appearance in game.) As well as Pyro Guy's and Slime Drop's. But feel free to upload these models to the wiki, if you like. Might increase demand for more enemy models. (Such as these 3 baddies: Zappa and Blasta and Heavy Fire Bro.)
Skating Shy Guy.png
Skating Shy Guy.png
Petal Guy.png
That Shy Guy has too much specualrity applied to it, it looks too shiny. And the Sidestepper needs its normals fixed. But yeah, sounds like you have a grasp on the program so far.

Again, if you want NSMBU/DX models, you need a dump of the game and then get the models with Switch Toolbox.