What's the saddest you ever reacted to media?


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My take is that a lot of happy moments make sad moments all more sadder, it feels like it doesn't has to be this way, with that what media has made you the saddest?

The Fox And The Hound as a whole, friendship torn apart from social differences, unregulated malice and the pointlessness of revenge and misunderstandings, it's uncomfortably applicable to real life, if this happened to me and one of my friends, I would be devastated

Find Her, Keep Her from The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh , I don't plan to have children but I have many pets over the years, mamy of them died for situations beyond my understanding, growing up with them, I dread the knowledge of one day I must let go, much like Rabbit and Kessie, new pets aren't replacements, they're new parts of the family and I will love and spend as much time with them as I can


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SPM and TTYD had some touching scenes imo. Watching Bolt recently was fairly emotional due to how i watched it when i was younger but could only remember it a little bit, and remembering pieces and it all came together. the movie got especially emotional when
Bolt realises he's not really super, but he decides to do the right thing and rescue Mittens with Rhino anyway, and they start to learn to live together, but then fall out because Bolt still wants to find Penny but Mittens thinks its stupid, then when Bolt finally gets back he sees he's been replaced and leaves, but then suddenly Mittens and Bolt encounter each other and despite it being the other way round earlier Mittens encourages him to go back to Penny. Then Bolt realises Penny's really in trouble and risks his own life to save her, that fire scene was so emotional.
"I Thought I Lost You" was the perfect ending to that story especially with the animations in the background.

the final episode of "Adventure Time" was pretty sad because i'd liked the series for a while and i didn't want it to end, and the song "Time Adventure" was really sad. also seeing
fern die and betty fused with GOLB thus permanently seperating her from Simon/Ice King
was sad. and the credits theme being made into a full song with the montage of people's fates, was pretty emotional too.

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I literally cried after watching Grave of the Fireflies back when I was like 15.

Uhh that film is a masterpiece, but it's also one of those films where you just watch it once and never wanna see it again.

In slightly more embarrassing, I got super sad over the second half of the penultimate episode of the anime Mahoutsukai Precure, mostly the part where
the now-19 year old Mirai sees a stick fall off a tree and remembers that, in the Magic World, magicians get their wands from a tree that sprouts them from their branches, so she repeatedly tries to cast a spell so she can see Riko and all her friends again, but since there is no magic anymore, nothing happens even as she starts crying as she tries to cast a spell. Of course, since I did say penultimate episode, as she starts to realize that it's not going to work, the narration repeats what her grandma told her earlier in the episode, 'with the right heart, words can create a miracle', so the stick does turn into a magic wand and her last, basically hopeless, attempt to cast a spell to see everyone again does result in her being reunited with Riko and the Magic and Non-Magic Worlds being connected again
but still pretty damn emotional for a show aimed at 5 year old girls.


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The grand finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - "The Last Problem". The one that hit me the most was the "Magic of Friendship Grows" song.



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Generally sacrifices made by misunderstood characters or anti-heroes often have me choked up, like Grovyle facing off against Dusknoir in PMD2 or Vegeta using the final explosion technique against Fat Buu for example.

I'm also a sucker for the "everyone praying for the heroes during their darkest hour" trope like in TTYD, Earthbound and Okami.

I think the most recent example that caught me off guard was during the final boss in A Hat in Time...

All the characters that Hat Kid met on her journey help her fight Mustache Girl, making possible to hit her despite the fact that she's constantly teleporting all over the place, breaking her barriers and even outright sacrificing themselves knowing that they drop health pons upon death which essentially makes Hat Kid invincible during the final phase.


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The 'Finn is dead' episode of Glee ruined me start to finish.

Seymour waiting for Fry broke my heart.

Bojack Horseman left me stunned at how dark it got,especially S4.

I literally cried after watching Grave of the Fireflies back when I was like 15.
Omg Grave of the Fireflies. I've never 'thanks, I hate it'-ed something more in my life. Beautiful story but FUCK

Honourable mention to A Silent Voice. So beautiful, melancholy and *real*
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The ALF finale where
ALF gets captured by the Alien Task Force
was sad


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Pretty much any decent Holocaust film and book is extremely harrowing and difficult to watch / read, although media in general hasn't reduced me to tears. I absolutely cannot watch Schindler's List and I kinda wish I was excused from class when it was shown. Elise Wisel's book Night was pretty damn memorable too, especially with the scene with the violin player playing to his death.


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Does anyone get a weird feeling like you want to start crying at a particular scene in a movie? Whenever I watch Finding Nemo and the scene where Nemo is trapped in the fish net with all the other fish comes on, it’s like I want to cry. Another example would be a scene (not from any certain movie) where people are trapped in a room and the monster starts killing them, while the people are screaming for help.
But anyway, I think the episode of The Garfield Show where Lyman comes back and takes Odie with him near the end of the episode is super sad for me, combined with the song and the montage of Odie and Garfield’s happiest moments. The end of the Family Guy episode where Brian accidently “kills” Rupert (Stewie’s teddy bear), is really sad for me. (The sad moment in question is when Brian drives Stewie home after spreading Rupert’s ashes at the top of a mountain, Brian stops at a toy store and finds a identical looking teddy bear, and then he puts in Stewie’s crib while he’s sleeping.) It’s so heartwarming and an absolute tearjerker for me, to see a person reunite with their most cherished possesion.

This is probably the longest post I’ve written. (sorry to kill the mood)