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Inspired by the Create a Spirit Battle thread, you can make your own Classic Mode route with your wanted characters, or make an alternate path for a preexisting character.

I go first with Daisy, being based on wide variety of Mario games, appearing in reverse chronological order of first appearance in Smash:
  • Round 1: King K. Rool and possibly Piranha Plant
    • Stage: New Donk City Hall
    • Music: Mario Paint Medley
  • Round 2: Bowser Jr., then the Koopalings (Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Iggy, Ludwig, Roy Morton)
    • Stage: Mario Circuit (Battlefield form)
    • Music: This is Minion Turf!
    • Note: The Koopalings appear in the same order how they weigh in Mario Kart 8; from Lemmy, the lightest, to Morton, the heaviest.
  • Round 3: Rosalina & Luma
    • Stage: Golden Plains
    • Music: Paper Mario Medley
  • Round 4: Wario and Diddy Kong
    • Stage: Luigi's Mansion
    • Music: Pandemonium
    • Note: Wario appears in the default overalls costume.
  • Round 5: Peach and Dr. Mario
    • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
    • Music: Fever
  • Round 6: Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi
    • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
    • Music: Mario Bros.
  • Final Round: Bowser, then Giga Bowser
    • Stage: Final Destination
    • Music: King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3 (Bowser), Break Free (Lead the Way) (Giga Bowser)
    • Note: A Maxim Tomato will spawn after Bowser is defeated.
  • Credit Music: Mario Tennis / Mario Golf
  • Other notes:
    • Every songs featured in the route come from the Mario series, regardless of what universe the stage represents.
    • In all rounds aside from the final round, only Smash-original and Mario-related items spawn. Additionally, Assist Trophy will only spawn Hammer Bro, Waluigi and Flies & Hand.
Some musics doesn't match with stage, but I wanted to represent Mario series as a whole.
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Leaked creeper
Alright, here's another take, this time, is for any Mario character; it's basically a pseudo-boss rush with each opponents representing a certain boss from series:

  • Round 1: Squirtle (representing Boom Boom), then tiny Ridley team (×4) (representing Reznors, favoring Plasma Breath)
    • Stage: Super Mario Maker (Battlefield)
    • Music: Fortress Boss - Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Round 2: Giant Inkling (cyan; representing Gooper Blooper, favoring smash attacks), then Giant Ivysaur/Piranha Plant (green; representing Petey Piranha)
    • Stage: Delfino Plaza
    • Music: Ricco Harbor
  • Round 3: Giant Kirby ×2 (violet and grey; representing King Bob-omb and King Boo) / Ally: Luigi
    • Stage: Luigi's Mansion (Omega)
    • Music: Main Theme - Luigi's Mansion (Brawl)
  • Round 4: Wario Team (×3) (representing his own battle in Super Mario Land 2), then King K. Rool (representing Wart)
    • Stage: Dream Land GB (Boxing Ring)
    • Music: Boss Battle - Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Round 5: Koopalings (Larry → Roy → Lemmy → Wendy → Iggy → Morton → Ludwig)
    • Stage: Rainbow Cruise (hazards off)
    • Music: Fortress Boss - Super Mario World
  • Round 6: Rathalos (representing Hooktail, or possibly Draggadon or Wingo)
    • Music: The King of Pyropuff Peak
  • Final: Bowser and Bowser Jr.
    • Stage: Final Destination or Castle Siege (underworld)
    • Music: Fated Battle
  • Other notes: All rounds are stamina battles. I wished some reference to characters like Tatanga or Fawful, but I had no idea.