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Forensic Files is a long running show that I love. It got revived after being gone a few years.

Opening: The opening is a great opening. You just cannot go wrong with the opening. It has cool music and a epic slideshow that I just cannot resist. I would say that is is in my top ten openings in television shows. You just cannot go wrong with the short opening.

Presentation: The presentation is awesome. I just can't go a moment without looking at the presentation. The way they show off the reenactments is drawn to perfection throughout the original run and the revival. The reenactments when you see them, you feel like if you are in the perpetrator's and victims shoes. The reenactments are drawn to perfection and I would say it makes the presentation very good. The presentation is what holds the series together.

Interviews: Ah yes, this review wouldn't be complete without the interviews. The interviews are well done, you are like if you are in the people's shoes as they talk about their experience with the crime(s). The interviews are the best I have seen in a true crime show, very well done. I just wish that other true crime shows would adopt the Forensic Files format of the interviews.

Narration: Of course you cannot go wrong with the narration. The three narrators over the two runs are drawn out to perfection. The late Peter Thomas had done a solid job until the orginal run ended. His narration is crisp and ripe for perfection. The one who does the hour long specials is about good as Peter Thomas. And for the revival narrator. He does it in a way that cannot be outmatched. What do all three narrators have in common? They have the narration down to perfection. As for Peter Thomas, his narration is the best of the three in my opinion.

My conclusion: It is a great series that would recommend to anyone. If you want to get into crime shows, this is the best to start with. You cannot argue about how great it is. I give it a rating of 5/5.

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sounds good but ive not watched this