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  1. London Parris

    The Adventures of Sarah and Friends

    Prologue. In the year 1818, Sarah Bismarck is born. Her father was Daniel Bismarck and her mother was Mary Bismarck. Daniel Bismarck said to Mary Bismarck "What should we name our baby girl?" Mary Bismarck replied "Sarah, it is a very Christian name." The two loved their daughter and raised her...
  2. London Parris

    White Lightning does art when he gets the chance.

    Welcome to my art thread. I am sharing my first piece of art, signed by yours truly. It is three skyscrapers.
  3. London Parris

    White Lightning reviews stuff.

    Here, I'll review anything that I feel like reviewing. Forensic Files is a long running show that I love. It got revived after being gone a few years. Opening: The opening is a great opening. You just cannot go wrong with the opening. It has cool music and a epic slideshow that I just cannot...
  4. London Parris

    H&H The Masters V members.

    This is my first H&H in a while. James Blackood (50) J.D. Sumner: (50) Jake Hess (50) Hovie Lister (50) Steve Warren (50)
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    Count in Spanish

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    Count to 2020