white lightning

  1. Douglas MacArthur

    White Lightning does art when he gets the chance.

    Welcome to my art thread. I am sharing my first piece of art, signed by yours truly. It is three skyscrapers.
  2. Douglas MacArthur

    White Lightning reviews stuff.

    Here, I'll review anything that I feel like reviewing. Forensic Files is a long running show that I love. It got revived after being gone a few years. Opening: The opening is a great opening. You just cannot go wrong with the opening. It has cool music and a epic slideshow that I just cannot...
  3. Douglas MacArthur

    H&H The Masters V members.

    This is my first H&H in a while. James Blackood (50) J.D. Sumner: (50) Jake Hess (50) Hovie Lister (50) Steve Warren (50)
  4. Douglas MacArthur

    Count in Spanish

  5. Douglas MacArthur

    White Lightning's Roleplay

    Welcome to my roleplay! The rules are: No harassing people. No godmodding. No stalking other users characters No arguing about plot arcs. Have fun! *Hilda, White Lightning, Tim Riley, Sarah, Flora, Felicia, Gordon Ramsay, and Charles III arrives in a new world* Hilda: Finally! I escaped...
  6. Douglas MacArthur

    Count to 2020