If you had the choice to make the next Mario game, what would it be?

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
(Just give me a Bowser game, please Nintendo)
Relatable :(

Anyway, other than a true Bowser game, I'd love to have a game about the future. The Mario gang has already messed with the past plenty of times, now it's time to travel in the other direction. Obviously Nintendo isn't gonna spoil anything (Mario and Peach getting married, stuff like that), so it would have to take place in the far future, maybe a few hundred years or something. As for plot basics, I have an idea...

A visitor from the future has arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom, frantic for help. Bowser has begun to take over the future! Legends told of the Mario Bros, the brave plumbers who were capable of defending the Mushroom Kingdom with nothing but their wits and the soles of their boots. Now that the foe of legends has become a reality, only the legends themselves can stop him. Futuristic hilarity ensues as Mario and the gang leap forward through time to tackle Bowser in the most advanced world yet.

I don't know what kind of game this would be. I feel like it's more suited for an RPG, but I could see it being 3D. No matter the style, though, I would be very interested.

Bob Craples

2 Cool 4 School
I would remake Mario Kart Wii. I know some people hate the game but I really like it and more people should play it.


It’s a me, Mario!
I would do a retro game Super Mario Flashback style. I think bringing back the 16-bit glory would be great.


A 2D Mario & Sonic platformer (2D sections by Sonic Mania team, 3D sections by Nintendo). If it had to be just a normal Mario game, Super Mario RPG 2 in conjunction with Square-Enix.

Trab Pu Kcip

Is Dark Allison
I would say Mario Kart 9, we are due for another one this year on a console...

Oh wait, there's Mario Kart Home Circuit and Mario Kart Tour, but none are on consoles.