What do you think of me?

Dan Backslide

I think that "what do you think of me" threads suck ass. Be yourself, ooze your own personality and don't worry about what others think of you.


The Littlest and Cutest of the Punies
He has asked a question, and I'm giving advice. Do you shape yourself based on what others think of you? That's what sucks. You shouldn't be what others want you to be, but what you want to be.
He only wants to know if you like him or not....and if your his friend....and if he's your friend....thats all it is 😞

Zoot Suit Daffy

This thread was made all the way back in February, when I had just started being on here, (I joined in January). Now that I have gotten know everyone better, I completely forgot this thread had existed.