JBX9001's Art Gallery 3


Okay, so this time I'm gonna make more of an effort to share any of my Mario-related art on the forum here. It'll keep me more active and you guys get to see even more of my content (which includes OCs by the way)! I'm gonna try to remember where I last left off on Part 2, so here goes:

Mario Vs. Dario 2.png
A new art piece of Mario fighting Dario (12/26/2018)

1981 in 2019.png
A tribute to the game that started it all, done for New Year's... Last year... 😅 (1/1/2019)

MP2 Costume Meme - Airashi.png
Airashi Furuya in the costumes from Mario Party 2 (1/15/2019)

JBX9001 5th Anniversary.png
A drawing celebrating my 5th year over at DeviantArt (1/20/2019)

Kiyu T. (2019).png
This is Kiyu T. a young Toad girl and extreme otaku; runs an anime club at a school called Toadstool High School.

The Day They Met.png
What it was like when Mario & Airashi first met (2/14/2019)

Regretful Thoughts.png
"Regretful Thoughts", featuring Goombatt and Kiyu T. (3/8/2019)

The Fallen Hero From Another Dimension.png
"The Fallen Hero From Another Dimension" (3/17/2019)

Plush Blush.png
"Plush Blush" (3/27/2019)

Snap N. Koopa.png
Snap N. Koopa, an aspiring photographer and best friend of Goombatt's.

Kid Dario.png
How Dario looked when he was a kid (13 years old to be specific)

Yokiko The Drama Queen.png
A drawing showcasing how dramatic Yokiko Furuya, Airashi's little sister, can be (5/20/2019)

Protective Fathers.png
"Protective Fathers" (contains extremely niche headcanon) (6/18/2019)

Jim, a member of Kiyu T.'s anime club; he's an awkward doofus who's a little too open about his weirder side.

Fridgette, another member of the anime club, but she's got "a more refined taste"; wants to be an author

Ech, Why, & Jeez.png
Mario & Airashi dressed as Ash Ketchum and Serena, respectively (7/6/2019)

Brandon, the class president of Toadstool High (and a total working stiff)

Powerful Kid Mario.png
"Kid Mario" as of 7/17/2019

Airashi Says Mario-kun A Lot.png
Some variations on Airashi's facial expressions when blushing, with dialogue for context. (7/20/2019)

Whew, this is already quite a lot, and there's more to come! The remaining pictures will be added later, but I hope you all like what I have for ya here so far!