Could kids being forced to grow up too fast be why the internet is filled with jerks


*Steals cake*
Here's a hypothesis I have, the reason why the internet has so many jackasses is because as kids, they didn't "grow" at a steady pace.
Bad company corrupts good morals, keep in mind, a lot of these edgelord users are rather young, either teens or in their early 20's, I speculate in their youth, they were around bad people, careless or abusive parents, bad influence family members or friends that were only interested on how they could use them, in the end, they are inspired to be more "adult".

Maturity isn't how many curse words you use, a love of gore and porn and saying things that shock people, it is about growing wiser, more compassionate and learning to take responsibility for your actions.
They take it the wrong way, and simply think "mature" is older, they turn to what the loudest older crowd is saying and follows that.
Breaking Bad, Fight Club and Beserk are wonderful works, but a lot of internet edgelords take to these the wrong way, often taking after the villains because they have not devloped enough to get the message that even cool or sympathetic people evil deeds are not excused, on the sympathic side, a lot of these dudes constantly mention they have depression, cool, so adding more misery to the world cause your misey to go down?

Give me a break, if I do bad shit, I am not going to be excused by my mental illness either, go to fucking therapy and find healthy ways to cope.

As I mentioned before, older people inspire this behavior, some do this on purpose, like the infamous 4chan, oh great, you invented rickrolling, you could of done that without racism or transphobia, a lot of people are aware of "I want to be an adult" thing and lure them to spread the hate in their heart. If I learned anything from having crime shows blaring in the background is that anyone can wear a mask, being funny ain't gonna cut it, you actually have to give a shit about people who aren't like you.

Now, to get the final point, I noticed kids with supportive parents tend to be sweet, they let them take their time and enjoy being a kid, teaching them life leasons on the way, let one be who they really are without telling them to be something else and they will bloom beautifully