Mushroom Kingdom Sewers: An Interactive Comic

Guy Rocketram

Lower City Empathy
Both of them: Read the writing on the wall

Seems to be old grafitti. The Smithy Gang were a dangerous band of baddies who once terrorized the Mushroom Kingdom, long ago. You hope Smithy hasn't some how come back from the grave. That'd be terrifying! Thankfully he and all of his minions were defeated, so this is likely just from that time period. At least you hope.

Sheldon Cooper

Stomp on the Galoomba.


Cuss at an Armadillo
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>Now that he has been disabled, re-attempt conversation

Guy Rocketram

Lower City Empathy
>Now that he has been disabled, re-attempt conversation

GALOOMBA: Ok, I don't normally chat, but if you don't beat me up I'll give you some info!
GALOOMBA: Just please, don't beat me up anymore!!!

PEPPER: Pipe down, young man, take your time. You'll get it out eventually.
GALOOMBA: It's, the boss has gone insane! He's trying to raise baddies from the grave! I don't know what our, Lord Bowser, has been thinking, but this could destroy the world!
PEPPER: Golly gosh! What could be possibly be doing?
GALOOMBA: I'm not aloud to tell. But this is deadly! Much worse then just not being able to shower for a bit.